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Family Hazard

Regular viewers of the series Rodinna Pouta (Family Ties) probably couldn't believe their eyes. The brigade-worker Horyna is quite different from characters like the rich glass manufacturer or the innocent periphery girl Eva. A weirdo in woodsman's green clothes, with a wide-open stare, who gives horns to everyone in sight and is well aware of his forest animality mojo, is better understood by people in the know.


You're not very good at that. Have you ever worked in a restaurant?



I spend most of the time in Halali motel. In Sumava. In the forest...

Crossing an independent horror comedy with a telenovela is something that popculture hadn't had the guts to do. Not until the Family Ties screenwriters Katerina and Jitka Bartu came up with the 77th episode of their endless series. Episode No. 77, kicking off the year 2005, is not marked with a powerful Kabbalistic number for nothing.


I like hunting. I play the hunting horn.


What did I tell you!


I like people with brains.


I wonder why...


I always have a great time with them...
I'd kill for that.

Choking Hazard lives in its strange way between the lines of popculture. If you ever watch a kids' TV show and all of a sudden hear something about the meaning of life, you will understand there's no escape.


Say, would you come with me to the forest, some day?


I would not!


I'd show you my place. It's frozen now, but...

Broadcast on Tuesday, January 11th - TV Prima, 19.55. Family Ties and Choking Hazard, a crossover of a millenium.
Partners in crime are Jitka and Katerina Bartu and a woodsman fanatic Horyna.