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Blog: The Slovakian Odyssey

Seven is a lucky number, observed Jaroslav Dušek, looking at the number of our coupé in the Prague-Bratislava train. And to a girl that boarded with us, armed with a wooden stick for no apparent reason, he said that seven is also the number of rainbow colors. She put the stick away. The professor's personality works like a charm.

The travel was spent in sleep. It was necessary. Martin Hajek from the distribution company Saturn drinks gin as quickly as he manages to visit all important local TV and radio stations. Quite a race under the hot Bratislava's sun. By the fifth visit in radio, Jaroslav Dusek was answering with Rap.

The highlight of our tour came at the end. The TV station TA3 has its newsroom separated by a transparent glass. The combination of Jaroslav Dusek, who nearly bit off the reporter's hand, when demonstrating the zombie transformation, and the director, doing his pogo dance behind the glass, turned the live show into the memorable event, impossible to repeat.

Impossible, mostly because the makers of Choking Hazard decided not to behave disgracefully abroad and maybe a little because of the fact that the TA3 management decided that their guests would never be left alone, again.