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Vary-Trencin axis

Choking Hazard experienced two important events lately. But only the future will tell their significance for the film's fate. Let us start with Trencin? The biggest regional music festival Pohoda was held on the military airport near this small beautiful Slovakian town. ChH delegation, which means Marek Dobeš, Eva Nadaždyová, Hanka Králiková and Makro, arrived alive and well in spite of the long travel and realized, to Marek Dobes' surprise, that except him, all the other members of the team had actually returned to their home country - their roots come under the "sk" domain.

Among highligts of this event, initiated by the ChH distributor Martin Hajek from Saturn Entertainment, is the fact, that it ended not long before the morning, while Martin Hajek proved his distributional qualities by distribution of Borovicka liquor; and the fact that Makro has always his own stove and duvets along, but never a photo camera, so this event won't have picture documentation.

A film festival in Karlovy Vary meant two screenings. After "I Was a Teenage Intelectual", the proud halls of city theatre saw the Czech horror comedy and reactions in the audiance were as warm as five years ago. A stylish mini-party for potential buyers from abroad provided a liquor called Dracula. "Liquer mit Ingwer", containing ginger, reminds of partly digested blood and is served in laboratory tubes. Maybe this drinking regime was the reason of interest from German, Italian, Japanese and Israeli buyers. We have to wait for results of dollar wooing, though.

The second screening started at 9.30am of the following day. An international start was arranged by an Icelandic section, two American directors and a British student of Northern Media School. Funny side of the event was provided by Zdeněk Barták, who not only specializes in writing operas for Korea, but he is also acquainted with Dagmar Patrasova and is helping her with her new record. It was him, who - while MD was describing how Dada knew how to handle a shotgun - stood up and claimed that he had Dada on the phone at the moment - and he suggested a "tele-bridge". That was followed by ten minutes of messages, varying from admiring to slighly horny ones. In the meantime, the translator tried to explain to the Icelandic section, what was the background of that funny ritual that Czechs seemed to perform before the screening. After the screening, Zdenek Bartak revealed that the tele-bridge had been censored a bit. He had withheld the information that Dada had been taking a bath at the time of the tele-bridge. So, those of you, who said hello to her in Vary, know that she replied, clad in the crystals of bath salt only. After that, it might seem like a casual teamwork that one of the American directors (Cesare Wright), attending the screening discovered that the song by Existence, used in ChH, is identical with the song he chose for his documentary film Border Wars. All of this was rounded off, when MD met with VK.