Choking Hazard

(Czech Republic)

A Bontonfilm release (in the Czech Republic) of a Brutto production. Produced by Marek Dobes, Narek Oganesjan. Directed by Marek Dobes. Screenplay, Stepan Kopriva.

*With:* Jaroslav Dusek, Jan Dolansky, Anna Fialkova, Kamil Svejda, Eva Janouskova, Eva Nadazdyova, Roman "Izzi" Izaias.


**Sudden Czech interest in genre filmmaking is led by mischievous widescreen indie gorefest "Choking Hazard," which alternates yuks with yucks. Late-night Tribeca fest slots will be first of many such invites for this one-of-a-kind item, before it merrily staggers through regional theatrical playdates to undead shelf life.*

Disciples gathered to spend the weekend with philosophizing blind self-help guru Dr. Reinis (Jaroslav Dusek) at the remote hotel Halali ("there's no other remote hotel around," a cabbie explains helpfully) are set upon by hordes of roving zombie gamekeepers, the Czech version of U.S. park rangers. Plucky survivalists include happy-go-lucky Verner (Dave Grohl lookalike Jan Dolansky), love interest Hanusova (Eva Nadazdyova), religious porn director Mechura (Roman "Izzi" Izaias), pro screamer Krenovcova (Eva Janouskova), foul-tempered Lefnerova (Anna Fialkova) and prissy Nedobyl (Kamil Svejda), who worries zombies will chomp on his expensive leather jacket. Highlights include the doc's black-screen "death" scene ("this isn't how a philosopher should die!") and a zombie electrocution that morphs into an impromptu breakdancing competition. Helmer Marek Dobes keeps cheeky fun at the fore, with buckets of raspberry-hued gore fleshing out odd rhythms of double-take comedy.