Choking Hazard (Marek Dobes, 2004) Clearly the most fun to be had at the festival. I mean, a campy, funny, philosophical zombie film from the Czech Republic, complete with speed-metal soundtrack -- who could ask for anything more?

An odd mix of characters (including a porno star who's also a Jehovah's Witness) are spending a weekend at a remote hotel for a weekend philosophy course. For some unknown reason, dead woodsmen rise from their graves and prey upon the hotel. Being junior philosophers, the group agrees not to act as if they are in a zombie movie (no running and screaming). They are going to use their brains to get out of this one. Dobes' dialog is very witty at times, and the camp factor is high. A very funny film that could easily become a cult hit. Hopefully it will find a distributor in the states.