Jaroslav Dušek

Born on April 30th, 1961 in Prague.
Before he pursued an acting career, he went through the classic: he was a night watchman, a guard without a gun and a boilerman. He tried twice to get to DAMU during the communistic regime but was rejected. The last attempt, when he, shortly after the revolution, finaly started to attend the dreamt-of school but didn't finish, he described with: "It may sound stupid, but I didn't have the strength to finish the school. I lacked motivation. I felt old and to study for a piece of paper was too weak motivation." He founded Vizita theatre with Jan Borna in 1981. Since 1986, the theatre has been based on pure improvisation. Among others he taught "author education" and "stage improvisation" on a Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek since 2000. He now teaches on FAMU.

Filmography selection: